Garden Office Ideas

2nd January 2024

Garden Office Ideas 2024

Spaces to feel creative, inspired and productive 

At Green Retreats we’ve been helping customers create unique garden offices since 2005. In that time, we’ve certainly learnt a thing or two about how to create the ideal garden office and the benefits of having one.

Working from home is a permanent practice for some people, especially in today’s world and we have plenty of garden office ideas to kickstart your project.

The kitchen table no longer needs to double up as a desk, and ‘that important bit of paper’ will no longer be at risk of spilling spaghetti bolognese down it! You could add a working space to your bedroom but then there’s the temptation to check your emails and not be able to switch off.

This is why a garden room is the perfect dedicated workspace. It physically and mentally detaches you from your home life so you can focus on your days’ work without household disruptions.

Your garden office should be individual to you and suit your needs. That’s why we have got some great garden office ideas to give you some added inspiration when it comes to furnishing your new workspace.

Garden room office with patio at the front


Space Creating Idea: A garden office

If making space inside your home is a no go (no room, too loud, too many distractions) then a garden office building is just one go the amazing garden office ideas we have for you! 

Garden room with door open

These buildings can not only add value to your home, but they can also add value to your life by helping create the perfect work/life balance. Leaving the office behind you at the end of the day and being ‘present’ at home to focus on your family is so important.



7 Top Garden Office ideas

Top tips to create a productive garden office


1. Add Plants

Studies have shown that plants help keep the air clean and fresh in your office space, absorbing toxins and producing essential oxygen. They also help with productivity, concentration and general mood. Adding some plants to your garden room is just one of many garden office ideas you can implement to help keep you happy and healthy whilst working from home. They also give your home office a botanical aesthetic, matching your surroundings, and are great for a garden room home office by bringing the outside in!


garden studio home business setup



2. Multifunctional office space

One of our most popular garden office ideas is adding gym equipment to your home office! Work doesn’t need to be the only focus of an office space all the time, it could be used for working out also! Make the most of your space by adding a running machine or a peloton that you always wanted. Then you can get the most out of your space and get your steps in at the same time – all in a day’s work, aye!


Interior of garden room with desk and piano



3. Your design, your way

A garden office can be curated specifically for you. That can be accomplished whether you’d like to create a sense of calm or a motivational environment. You can transform the space into whatever you’d like. Wondering what to put on a home office wall? Your aesthetic and personality can shine through your work space with the smallest of details like photographs of your family and friends or add posters of art or your favourite band. You could even go big and paint a colourful mural to really bring your home office to life!


garden room office



4. Light it up

Having the right lighting helps keep you feeling awake throughout the day, as well as preventing eye strain. As garden office ideas go, having natural light in your garden room is best, so position yourself near a window that has blinds or shutters so you can control the intensity of the light (squinting in the bright sun is no fun!) Desk lamps are a must for low light conditions or if you work into the evenings. Consider a dimmable option to control the light for what’s comfortable. At Green Retreats our garden rooms capture a lot of natural light. This is ideal for a home office as it creates an uplifting mood and energises the space – key for productivity.




5. Reading corner

A reading nook in your home office can create a calm area of escapism. Just a slight change of scenery is a great way to mix things up. It could be a new space to have your daily meetings, or a peaceful place to read a book whilst enjoying your lunch.




6. Focal points

To help prevent eye strain you should regularly take a break from what you are doing and look at something else. This is especially true for anyone that works on a screen. When letting your eyes take a break you should try focusing on something that is at a completely different distance to what you were just doing. Try hanging pictures on a far wall or even behind your computer screen so that you can quickly rest your eyes by looking at something else.


Interior of TGO1 home office and chill out room



7. Add sound

Music can be a great motivator for you to get some of your best work done. Whether you need some gentle classical music to keep you focussed and drown out any background noise, or you need to turn up your most energetic playlist, the option of sound in your office is a great idea.


Interior of a man cave with a DJ booth with large speakers, records in a sideboard and pool cues in the corner


What Sizes Can a Garden Office Be?

The size of your garden office is a personal decision based on what will suit you and your workload best. Our garden rooms come in up to 7o size configurations ranging from 4sqm internally to 30sqm.

Large garden office ideas

A larger garden office would be the most practical option for someone who works with colleagues or requires space to complete their work. A Green Retreats garden room allows you to decide what style and size you would like your working environment to be, perfect for giving you the freedom to create your ideal working space.

garden room ideas for offices in the garden


Small garden office ideas

On the other hand, a scaled-down garden office space is great for creating your own working bubble. Keep it compact and cosy with no distractions and independent working. We offer a variety of garden room sizes that can be transformed into a home office best suited to you. To find out more, view our garden room page here.



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Visit our showroom to explore more Garden Office Ideas…

If you’ve been inspired by our home office ideas a visit to one of our showrooms is the best way to see the full range of garden room designs and options available to you.

We have two fantastic locations to choose from, with our Buckinghamshire flagship showroom boasting 19 garden room buildings on display – to our practical Twickenham hub showroom in London with 3 garden rooms on display.

Browse at your leisure or have a chat with one of our garden room experts who can explain your options and draw up a design to suit your needs.


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